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Dog Walking Services in East Boca Raton - Frequently Asked Questions

March 24, 2015 - BOCA RATON, Fla.

As a professional dog walker in east Boca Raton, I am frequently asked by people if it is important to have their dog taken out during the work week for a midday walk or play time in the backyard. And my answer is always a resounding "yes".

Not only is it important for the dog to have a potty break during the day, but the added benefit is companionship, fresh air and exercise. Just like the way we benefit from a walk, run, swim or bicycle ride. The same cardiovascular movement that helps people maintain their health is also beneficial for your dog.

So many people who are at their jobs feel terrible that they are unable to get home during their lunch break to take the dog out for a walk. And it isn't always an option to ask a neighbor or friend to take care of it. It is an imposition and sometimes not even possible. And unfortunately, they might agree to do it and then have to back out leaving the dog untended, which can lead to damaged furniture, flooring, carpets and rugs. And the dogs will feel badly that they have done something wrong.

Fortunately this is the time when a dog walker is the perfect solution. Someone like me who can come to your home at a certain time each weekday and take your dog for a nice leisurely walk or if you have a backyard, they can go for a run, potty and even have playtime. I usually like to finish off with a treat.

I am the personal dog walker and pet care provider for my company Boca Raton Concierge. My service area includes the beach area of Boca Raton, east and downtown Boca Raton, central Boca Raton, east Deerfield Beach and parts of Highland Beach and Hillsboro Beach. I offer special package rates for weekly dog walking services. I also offer dog sitting and cat sitting for when my customers go away and house sitting for absent homeowners.

You can read more about my services, rates and credentials at my website ( and call me with your questions about dog walking and all pet sitting services we offer.


Nanette Gordon