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Boca News is a weekly email newsletter that will keep you informed with the latest news, entertainment, restaurant deals, comedy special, real estate and personal stories. Everything you need to know will be personally delivered to you every Thursday so you can plan out your weekend and enjoy the best of our wonderful city!


Keeping You in the Know

Boca Raton is sometimes referred to as "The Crowned Jewel of South Florida." We enjoy a strong local economy, a beautiful beach lifestyle and numerous activities. Boca News is dedicated to keeping you informed with activities, news stories, and entertainment so you can be sure you are getting the most out of life and out of our great community.

Boca News is also committed to enhancing the local economy. We do this by promoting the local real estate marketing, by promoting local businesses and by keeping our email list informed of sales, discounts, and deals in the area.

Finally, our weekly newsletter will consist of news stories that could impact your family life as well as your pocket. New laws, new traffic patterns and feel good stories are important to know and we are dedicated to putting all this information in one place for you, every Thursday.

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Our newsletter is proudly sponsored by Champagne and Parisi Real Estate.

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